Intelligent Customer Engagement

Customer engagement by Microsoft Dynamics helps companies deliver amazing customer experiences.  Start building long-term customer relationships that are personalized, proactive and predictive across sales, service and marketing. You can:

Better insights allows you to make every customer engagement an intelligent one, so you can sell effectively, market smarter, and care everywhere.

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It’s all about the customer.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM drives sales productivity, so you deliver amazing customer experiences.

Deliver amazing customer experiences


Service by Microsoft Dynamics enables organizations to strengthen customer loyalty by providing personalized, proactive, and predictive experiences across all channels.  Agents are empowered with a single unified experience, allowing them to easily connect with customers. You’ll be able to deliver personalized customer care from the inside out to drive customer loyalty.


Customer Service and Care – Deliver exceptional customer care – Learn More

Sales by Microsoft Dynamics


Sales by Microsoft Dynamics provides a complete and intuitive solution that helps salespeople be more productive.   Sales force automation deployments continue to focus on core functional capabilities for accounts, contacts, opportunities, planning and management, collaborative selling, mobile sales and sales analytics.

Sell more. Win faster. Drive Results – Learn More

Service by Microsoft Dynamics can help you earn customers for life, through cross-channel service, increased agent productivity, and adaptive service models. It can also help to decrease cost per case and to increase agent satisfaction.

Collaborate and execute across all channels from anywhere with a variety of mobile devices and social technologies.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing in an integrated marketing management solution for marketing operation, planning, execution and analytics across all channels – digital, social, and traditional. Dynamics Marketing provides effective collaboration between sales and marketing. Sales can a have complete view into marketing activities with the ability to provide feedback on their related accounts and contacts

Dynamics Marketing is driving real-world results.


Great marketing, starts with great planning. With real-time analytics, marketers can determine which campaigns are delivering the best return on investment.  Marketing Automation Made Easy!  Learn more


Marketing Automation ENHANCEMENTS with ClickDimensions

For Marketing – Generate, Qualify, Nurture

Email marketing embedded into Microsoft CRM and perfectly linked to leads, contacts, campaigns, marketing lists, visitor web tracking and more? Imagine what you can do with that. Surveys built into CRM – wow! Marketers familiar with Microsoft Dynamics CRM will appreciate being able to easily connect forms on their website to CRM – without creating duplicates. Tying landing pages to campaigns is easy, and triggering workflow from form submissions, file downloads or a lead’s general web activity is simple and familiar. Having all data in CRM is a welcome change because everything is nicely tied together and available for an endless realm of possibilities. Learn more about ClickDimensions

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