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Eyes On The Prize: CRM Meets Fantasy Sports!

We’re less than a week away from Super Bowl 50 which will signal the end of the 2015 football season and perhaps the end of an era for one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game. For those dedicated fantasy football owners out there it’s like realizing that Christmas is over. Never fear! CRM is here! In early August Microsoft acquired FantasySalesTeam, an innovative sales gamification platform that’s helped hundreds of companies boost their sales productivity by transforming sales organizations into high powered offenses.

It’s no secret that Microsoft is pushing its user base to the cloud. Keeping with this trend, FantasySalesTeam is now available with a Professional license of Dynamics CRM. In fact, over the past few weeks your Global Administrators may have seen emails instructing them on how to activate this new and exciting tool.


The general setup includes setting sales metrics as tasks and then assigning point values which will end up determining a user’s total score. Sales metrics could include the percentage of quote hit, number of new customers added to the pipeline and more! Once complete, multi-tiered awards are created so teams (and individuals) are rewarded for their efforts as they complete various tasks.

As the game progresses, the Leaderboard provides a constant reminder of who gets bragging rights within the office. The top three places may also receive a prize for their efforts so this helps boosts motivation and compels your sales reps to go the extra mile. After taking a look, I would highly recommend getting management and other non-sales team members to join in the fun by having them draft their own fantasy team. For a complete overview check out this link:


Still not sold on the concept? Here are just two of the recent case study results released by FantasySalesTeam:

• Service Corporation International (NYSE: SCI) recently ran a pilot with 130 sales reps and compared their performance to almost 700 others. Those using FantasySalesTeam on average closed 88 percent more deals at 213 percent the average contract value

• Wireless Zone saw a 176 percent increase in total sales, 35 percent increase in specific product sales and a 9 percent increase in profit in the first month they ran FantasySalesTeam

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