Social Media Goes CRM

I really have to let go of my pride on this one. Before a few weeks ago I had no idea that Hootsuite even existed. Yes, I am a dedicated software evangelist. Yes, it’s my job to keep up on the latest software and how those platforms can work with Dynamics CRM to create truly elegant solutions. Yes, my boss is shaking his head while reading this. Before you start lighting the torches to run me out of town I ask that you give me 5 minutes of your time because this is information you have to know.

In their own words, Hootsuite, seeks to provide “Social media management for any organization.” Their solutions help businesses manage social networks and schedule messages to ultimately engage target audiences. On the backend, Hootsuite boasts some impressive metrics to measure ROI right from an all-in-one dashboard. Sounds great, right? The question is, what does this mean for Dynamics CRM? Well, on November 17th, Hootsuite posted a blog announcing their new integration with CRM online. Social insights aren’t new to CRM. The integration between InsideView and CRM Online was CRM’s first true dive into the social world back in 2013. Then in 2014 Microsoft bridged further gaps with the release of Social Listening.

Following the general yearly trend, it seems that Hootsuite is poised for CRM success. Only time will tell the long standing effects, but so far here is what we know:

• You may now create Leads, Opportunities, or Cases from the Hootsuite dashboard
• These records can then be acted on by a sales or customer service team
• Companies are able to attach social data to the customer record inside CRM
• Users can publish content from their own social networks directly into SharePoint sites
• All social activities can be documented to track your engagement with your customers